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Are you currently in the market to buy an airplane in a not so distant future? Or do you already have one and are looking to upgrade? Well, if that's the case for you, then you've landed in the right spot, because we'll brake it down for you on how to get a virtually brand new Cirrus Aircraft SR20 or SR22 series for under $300k USD. YES, that's right $300k American Dollars.

If you're not familiar with Cirrus Aircraft, then let's just put it this way. It is one of the most sophisticated and reliable general aviation single engine piston aircraft that you can buy in today's market. And it is for a variety of reasons, like:

#1 The Cirrus Aircraft SR Series is equipped with a CAPS™ (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) as standard equipment. Which is Cirrus' proprietary parachute technology which deploys a parachute from the top-aft of the fuselage, as a mean to avoid casualties and protect the aircraft in an adverse situation where a plan "B" is needed.

#2 The Cirrus SR series has been the best selling aircraft of its class for 14 years in a row and it is today's first choice for general aviation aircraft.

Now, I could write all day about all the things the make up Cirrus, but let's break it down on how you can own a virtually new Cirrus SR22 for $300k USD or less with 3 (Three) simple steps:

#1 Locate or use an already owned Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

#2 Overhaul engine at a cost-effective rate & Avionics upgrade.

#3 Fresh new paint and interior.

And here's the best part, it can all be done under one single roof, which is Steel Aviation, located in Dayton, OH. identifier: 3I7 (Phillipsburg Airport)

STEP 1: Locate a high time engine Cirrus SR22.

High time? But why? Well, the reason why we're looking for a high-engine time aircraft is because the engine will be subject to a fresh overhaul. The average high time-engine Cirrus SR22 retails in today's market in a range of $125,000 - $195,000, from years 2003-2008, as well as a Naturally Aspirated orTurbocharged. If you need some help locating one, we would recommend you to touch base with Jaime Steel, from Steel Aviation at, as they are today's largest used Cirrus re-seller in the world!

STEP 2: Fresh overhaul & Avionics upgrade.

This step can be tricky, because there will be a price range variation if any major components on the engine will have to be replaced, rather than just overhaul it. And also the Avionics pack since you can go either the Garmin™ route or the Avidyne route, this will boil down to personal reference.

STEP 3: Fresh paint & new interior.

Steel Aviation prides in their Aircraft Paint and Interiors, as they're able to deliver precise quality paint work for composite aircraft and interiors that are the true work of a craftsman.

Now in order to put everything into perspective, here's one of Steel Aviation's latest project:


2005 Cirrus Aircraft SR22 | Continental IO-550

New Paint

New Interior

Dual Avidyne ID440 Upgrade

Engine Overhaul

Propeller Overhaul

Images Provided By: PistonFly™

Video Provided By: PistonFly™

With all that said, we hope you really found this quick read useful for any future plans you have about your next Cirrus purchase, also be sure to check one of my previous articles about Excel Air's "We pay for your Cirrus SR22" program . Also, to learn more about Cirrus Aircraft acquisition, be sure to connect one of Southern California's Cirrus Aircraft expert Michael Morgan, who is currently a Cirrus Certified Flight Instructor with thousands of Cirrus flight experience and hundreds of aircraft sales transactions under his belt. If we missed anything please let us know on your comments below and feel free to touch base at anytime to know more about this whole process in detail.

Until then,

Miguel del Rosario | PistonFly™ Editor

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